Model Plants, Miniature Animals and Dolls House Accessories

Christmas Village Displays

Photo of deer displayed within Christmas VillageIf you live near a toy shop or are lucky enough to own a fully furnished dolls house, then you will find that you can make use of many miniature accessories as embellishments.

When sat on a Christmas village plaza, small window boxes of flowers or plants can become seasonal planters, made to appear all the more wintery by sprinkling or spraying with fake snow.

Small pot plants are another useful addition to any village landscape, as are bunches of flowers, benches, baskets, vases, tables and chairs. However, the very important thing that should not be overlooked here is scale. It will look silly if a bench or dog is far larger than an actual person. If you are keen to use your chosen pieces, regardless of their size, then position them away from figurines so that they don't appear too out of proportion.

Adding Animals to Your Christmas Village

Image of Christmas tree with dogAnimals are always a popular addition where children are involved, but again, scale can so often be an issue here.

Purchasing model animals need not be a pricey undertaking and many are available from Christmas village stockists and model shops.

You will find some superb cats and dogs within an old Playmobil farm set and even the odd miniature creature from a Lego set may not look out of place, such as a white 'Harry Potter' owl stuck to the branch of a snow-covered tree.

Frozen Ponds and Streams

If you have chosen to include a frozen pond or stream, then you really should try and source a few model ducks or geese.

These wildfowl miniatures can stand on the surface of the icy pond, and if figurines are placed in close proximity, it will look like they are coming to feed the ducks and give them a winter treat.

Picture of model geese by Playmobil, standing on the surface of a 'frozen pond' made using PVA glue:
Close-up picture of model Playmobil geese on an icy pond made from PVA glue

Further image of model geese on frozen pond

Images of a Christmas village using miniature flowers and animals, including a Playmobil dog and rabbit, along with a small wishing well and benches:
Photograph of Playmobil model dog

Photo of park, with snow and a small miniature rabbit

Picture of small ducks in a village setting

Photo of Lemax Christmas village animals and figurines, including Santa Claus and his friendly deer:
Photo of Lemax model Santa Claus feeding his reindeer

Picture showing Lemax see-saw, complete with model squirrel and dog